Word Clouds

1. About Me

I created this word cloud using words that I felt best described who I am as a person.

2. What is Digital Media

Since "Digital Media" is basically different ways to store data, I felt like it would be nice to put different types and forms of data into a cloud shape, to represent the cloud.

3. For Funzies

Being a nerd, I decided to take part of the image data for my "about me" word cloud and make a word cloud out of that.

Day In The Life

A short video project about a not-so-typical day in the life of an iPhone.
(Collaboration with Niki Monsef)

Commercial Project

Choose your brownies wisely!
(Collaboration with Niki Monsef and Matthew M)

Stop-Motion PSA: Friendship

A handmade solo stop-motion video project to help remind people about the importance of friendship

I was so proud of my animated rice clock that I made it available for download under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Photoshop Unit

Here are the images I created as part of our photoshop unit.

Day 1

As an intro to photoshop, all we had to do for day 1 was re-create an image from a tutorial video (first image) and make our own image using at least two concepts from the tutorial (second image).

I apologise for the awful memes

Day 2

Photoshop Sandwich. Why? To learn how to use layers!

Day 3

How bad can a movie poster possibly be? Actually, it turned out pretty well!

Day 4

For the fourth day, we had to create a birthday party invite in a princess style for Mr. Hill's daughter

Day 5

Finally, we were told to basically "do whatever" while integrating what we have already learned.
SPOILER ALERT: more memes.

20% Time - JacksonRPG

"An RPG depicting two kids named Jackson in their comical quest to survive high school"

For my 20% time project, I decided to continue working on a videogame I started in my Programming Projects class.

JacksonRPG got its name because the two jackson's in my programming projects class wanted to make a videogame and I offered to help them code it. While we didnt get very far, our game so-far is available for download.

Final Project

For our Final Project, I decided to do another PSA since the first one was so well-recieved. Enjoy!