Tools that make COVID-19 Vaccine resources more accesible

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A Jekyll plugin that enables easy, secure ecommerce on static websites

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Recent Posts

A Better Way To Learn Mips Assembly

A spur-of-the-moment side project to help give students better tools for learning about assembly

Fighting Covid With Open Source

Why I created a library to parse business operating hours and help in the fight against Covid-19

Finding Linux Drivers For The Fifine K050 Microphone

My adventures in getting a $20 Fifine K050 USB Microphone to work with Linux

The Story Behind My Username

This is the approximate story of how I started programming, found a goal to work towards, and came up with the username MoralCode


Consulting Work


Redesigned website for a California composer

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Assist with maintainence and bugfixes for the iCrew mobile apps

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