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An application designed to make school bell schedules easier to access

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KubOS Preservation Group

An unofficial community for users of the KubOS small sat operating system

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A website for generating bingo boards such as Hallmark bingo

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Recent Posts

Sinocare Cw286 And Paying It Forward With Open Source

Some findings from adding the Sinocare CW286 bathroom scale to OpenScale

A Better Way To Learn Mips Assembly

Making the language shortcuts of the 2014 MARS MIPS simulator user-customizable so educators have more flexibility when teaching assembly

Fighting Covid With Open Source

Creating a library to parse the business operating hours of COVID vaccination sites and help fight Covid-19

Finding Linux Drivers For The Fifine K050 Microphone

Finding the right drivers to allow a $20 Fifine K050 USB Microphone to work with Linux


Consulting Work


Redesigned website for a California composer

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Assist with maintainence and bugfixes for the iCrew mobile apps

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