New releases

Well, the apple event seemingly went well. With a new iPad and a new mac, as well as a new operating system, things are probably going great for them! However apple did not release external testing at the event, which is both good and bad. This additional delay provides me extra time to get my […]

Apple’s event

On October 16th 2014, Apple has (another) special event planned, the last of which featured the long-awaited announcement of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. This time, the event is titled ‘It’s been way too long’ and is likely to hint at whats to come at this event. Apple is likely to give the Mac […]

Subscription updates.

Due to a huge spike in people registering to my blog with disposable email addresses, I have decided to remove registration from being a method by which readers of this blog could subscribe. I do not know why people want to use disposable email addresses, but it is definitely not going to be accepted on […]


If my app is to be useful to babysitters, it is going to need to store information such as parents special instructions and allergies the children may have. So recently, I’ve been implementing a feature that apple calls CoreData. CoreData, at its heart, is an SQLite database which can be used as a powerful data […]

Xcode 6 and CareClock

Okay, enough with all the distractions. With apple’s big iOS 8 release there came an even bigger release to developers. This enabled apps to implement Touch ID and all of the other cool new hardware (and software) features that were previously only available on apple-provided apps and software. Apple also released their new testFlight beta […]

My fears about testing

I have received many responses on my beta tester signup form, which is great! The more testers the better, right? While that is entirely true, I regret to say that I will not be sending out beta-tester invites to people who I do not know personally. This is because I am a little worried, as most developers […]

Subscribing made easy

To date, I have implemented new features to allow people to receive notifications whenever I post something new to this blog. These notifications Include a basic email registration, creating an account and now, mac-only push notifications! These features can all be accessed via the subscribe page and allow for more versatility when it comes to […]

About me website

As part of a web design class that I am taking, I have been creating an ‘all about me’ website using WIX website builder. Once the assignment has been turned in, I will spare it from the pile of never-to-be-seen-again assignments by repurposing it and using it as my one, central ‘about’ page. This will […]

Broken site

You may have experienced the site not working, or having some of the menu items messed up (see image below). This was because I accidentally messed up a setting with my blog whilst trying to change the URL from to This caused wordpress it to think it was installed somewhere else on the […]